Family Bridge

Family Bridge links families to our HTHCV Learning Community. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, with the exception of Spring Break, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m, starting with Appetizers with Lillian. Our 2015-2016 Meeting Schedule is listed below.

You can also click HERE for a link to our Current flyer!


September 9 | Building Community | Learn about the importance of building our HTHCV community, how socio-cultural learning is a building block of our DNA, and how this type of learning is especially important to building innovative young people.

October 14 | HTHCV Community Resources | *Brain Health * “Tech” at HTHCV * CRASH Programming * College Advising * New Take 5 Program – Learn about resources offered at HTHCV and how these resources provide opportunities for our students.

November 11 | Social Capital and Equity in Education | SPECIAL VIDEO PRESENTATION | Join us for an online presentation on how HTHCV works toward equity for all students. Click HERE for our video on Social Capital.

December 9 | Get on the “Intern Ship” | At HTH, Internship is not just about career orientation, but a demonstration of the skills that they have developed over their time at HTHCV. Internship is something that your student should prepare for starting in 9th grade. All 11th grade parents should attend.

January 13 | Supporting Your Student: From Struggling Students to High Achievers | Learn how to support your students academically, socially-emotionally, and cognitively.

February 17 | Questions on College and Career | A question and answer session about college and career.

March 16  | Upcoming Senior Events | Specially for our senior parents, this Family Bridge meeting provides much needed information about graduation, Grad Nite, Prom, and much more.

April 13 | First Generation College StudentSPECIAL VIDEO PRESENTATION | Join us for an online presentation as our staff shares experiences of being a first generation college student.

May 13 | TBD

June 8 | Celebrations: HTHCV Year in Review Potluck! | Join us for a Family Bridge BBQ celebrating all of our hard work nurturing our students at home and at school.